Much of the history is taken directly from Boucher Family book of Genealogy published in 1917 and was compiled by Franklin A. Burkhardt.


The history of the inn is in as much the history of the Boucher (aka Bowsher, Bauscher, Bausher or Bousher) family. According to the Boucher Family book of Genealogy compiled in 1917, the first ancestor in this country was Daniel, who came to America about 1752, coming from the 'German States' of France and crossing the ocean in a ship called the 'President' and settling in Berks County, PA. In 1732 William Penn's heirs purchased from the Indians great tracts of land situated between South Mountain and the Blue Mountains.


It was on one these tracts that Daniel Boucher located in 1752. In 1755 he 'reared' a modest log cabin in Albany Township . The old homestead site was almost in the midst of the terrors preceding and accompanying the Indian wars when some three hundred lives were sacrificed to the Indian raiders who stole from the mountains in murderous bands. Of Daniel's eight sons, three were soldiers of the Revolution.


In 1792, one hundred and fifty-three acres were sold to Philip Baushar from a larger tract of 2,000 acres (know as the 'Proprietary Manner') that were originally surveyed by Thomas Penn in 1732 (originally as part of Philadelphia County and now Albany Township in Berks County ).


Philip Baushar had five children, one of which was Henry Bauscher, born May 25, 1832 died April 3, 1909 . He married Sara Kunkel, October 7, 1854 . Henry lived on the homestead farm during his entire life and built the large brick residence. Henry's first wife Sara died in childbirth in 1862. Henry married secondly to Sara Sussaman, who was born September 6, 1835 . Henry took great interest in the family's genealogy. He was a devout Christian and ever was interested in the welfare of New Bethel Church and the cemetery.


The house was built in two time frames. Henry and Sara Bauscher constructed the original structure in 1879. Their daughter, Annie Bauscher, did the second construction in 1909 and 1910 when she added the kitchen wing and the carriage house along with other major improvements.


Henry and Sara passed on in 1908 and 1909, leaving their house to their unmarried daughter, Annie.


Annie M. Bauscher, born in August 19, 1868 , was educated at the State Normal School in Kutztown , Pennsylvania and was a teacher in the Albany schools for many years. She was a woman of high ideals and has been a leader and a light in the community, particularly in education and religious fields. In 1910 she traveled abroad and resided in the house, which she completely modernized (for the year 1917) and most tastefully decorated. She added inlaid hardwood flooring from Germany and French tile in the upstairs bathroom.


There is no reference when the cottage was built, but it is believed that it was probably constructed with the original home. The cottage was used as the summer kitchen.


Annie took in guests, and for that reason we refer to the bed & breakfast as a guesthouse. Possibly during the summer, the guests came to the Albany Station by railroad and were brought to the house by Annie in her fashionable carriage.


Mabel Edna Bauscher, daughter of William G. Bauscher (son of Henry Bauscher and step brother to Annie M.) occasionally lived with Annie. Mabel later inherited the large brick house from Annie. Mabel, who lived in the Reading area, was married and a schoolteacher. Mabel rented the house to some area families and later sold the house to Marion Wilson in 1949.


Marion took up residence in 1949, leaving her home in New York City . While living here she hired a stonemason, Victor Wink, to do some work on the house. A romance blossomed and they married. Victor planted the field with potatoes and vegetables, operating a small vegetable market from the carriage house. They added the pink mountain stone wishing well in the east lawn and used the cottage house as a rental unit. Victor was much older than Marion . Marion continued to live in the house after Victor passed away.


Marion spent much of her time taking care of people. She cared for her father and Mr. Wink until their deaths. She lived here alone until her death in 1992. As Marion aged, it seemed that she had a hard time maintaining this large house. She made numerous attempts to repair the slate hours roof, but simply could never get the leaks stopped.


In her later years, Marion and her dog lived alone in the kitchen. The rest of the house was filled with things that she felt she needed to survive since she could no longer drive to town to shop. In some rooms, the items were literally stacked to the ceiling.


After her death, the lawyers for her estate sold the antiques at auction and some local older men to clean out the house. Supposedly they threw away 13 dumpsters filled with things they thought had no value. One can only imagine.


In the fall of 1992, Gloria and Dave Rice purchased the property from the estate of Marion Wink and began restoration work on the interior of the house. Since then, there were significant repair efforts attempted to restore the house to its original condition. Though not in a habitable state at the time, in 1993 Dave and Gloria moved in to maximize the time they could spend on their new project. Because the original bathroom was unusable due to severe roof leaks, the main thrust was to install the new bathroom in the northwest room at the top of stairs that is now part of the anniversary suite.


Gloria opened her floral and gift shop in the cottage in 1994. She quickly outgrew that space and as soon as the carriage house floor was cemented, Gloria moved into larger quarters. By 1997 most of the interior restoration on the main house was completed and the cottage was refurbished. Gloria's Forget-me-not was opened to the first guests in 1997 with the cottage and two bedrooms.


In 1999, the current owners spent their first visit in the honeymoon cottage to celebrate their engagement early in the day when Randy proposed to Pamela at the east rock at Hawk Mountain . They returned several times to Gloria and Dave's hospitality, and purchased the B&B in 2006.

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